When are you open?
From June 8, 2020 to August 29, 2020
***OPERATING SEASON UPDATE: Demarest Farm may extend its operating days and season dependent upon prevailing weather conditions and attendance trends. Please check our website regularly for continued updates. Thank you.

What are your hours of operation?
All first features start around dusk (civil twilight time 8:30). Concession stand opens one hour prior to movie start time.

What time should I arrive?
You may arrive one hour prior to movie start time.

How far in advance are the movies scheduled?
We will list our monthly schedule on our website: https://demarestfarms.com/movie-night/

Are pets allowed? 
Pets are not allowed. We love animals. We have a pet of our own but the potential for patron disturbance on injury by an unruly pet or irresponsible owner is too high. Everyone knows pets have to relieve themselves at intervals as well. It is dark at the drive-in and a pets waste products would be difficult to see and avoid.

Does the “no pet” policy apply to all animals?
Trained/certified Service Dogs that perform services for a disabled individual are not considered to be pets and are allowed at the drive-in in accordance with the ADA. Therapy pets are not Service Dogs and are not allowed at the farm on movie night.

Is alcohol allowed at the drive-in?
All alcoholic beverages – wine, beer, liquor, etc., are prohibited at movie night. We reserve the right to notify the local police if it appears that any of our patrons are under the influence.

Do you offer refunds if it rains?
No refunds are rendered if it rains. We will reschedule the show for another night.

Is there a live person to talk to if I call for information?
The best way to contact us is through facebook or email at demarestfarms@gmail.com

Can I come into movie night after a movie has started or leave before it ends?
You can come into movie night and leave at anytime during a movie. You must use only your parking lights if a movie is in progress. Daytime running lights must be dimmed either by engaging your emergency brake one notch or by physically covering your headlamps (for example, with cardboard).

Will I be allowed to re-enter movie night if I have left for some reason during the evening?
No sorry

How do I listen to the movies?
We broadcast the movie sound/audio using FM radio signal. You can use your car’s FM radio or you can bring a portable FM radio with you..

Will my car battery “die” because of using the car radio all evening?
Patrons are advised to turn their key to the “Accessory” position only. Most patrons do not experience a dead battery at evening’s end. Jumps are provided to any patrons needing one. Quickly.

Can we “run” our car if it rains, is too hot, is too cold?
Car engines can not be running. We would have an environmental nightmare on our hands to have a field full of cars running all evening. Momentary starts are okay but that is all. We have many patrons like to sit out on warmer evenings and would not appreciate breathing in another vehicle’s fumes. In cooler weather, dress warm and bring blankets.

Do you offer group discounts?
We do not offer any group discounts.

Can I sit outside of my vehicle to watch the movies? If so how can listen to the movie?
Patrons are welcome to bring in their own portable radios and lawn chairs if they so desire. Chairs must be placed in front of the vehicle and not beside the vehicle. This can only be done if all social distance guidelines are adhered to.