Pick Your Own Apples Opening September 4, 2021

Visits will be limited to your reservation time frame. Please arrive promptly at your scheduled time;
if you arrive late, you will still be asked to leave at the end of your reservation time frame.


The CDC, FDA and USDA have no reports at this time of human illnesses that suggest coronavirus can be transmitted by food or food packaging. U-pick operations are unique with customers going into the field or orchard to do their own harvesting. As a result, Demarest Farm has put the following rules in place for the 2021 apple picking season.

Scheduling your pick your own trip to the farm:

  1. When we get closer to the PYO season (approximately September 5) we will post a reservation system, on the Pick Your Own Apples Page on our website, demarestfarms.com/
  2. We will also announce on social media. (Facebook)
  3. You MUST MAKE A RESERVATION, on our system. This will give you a date and time to arrive at farm. This way we can manage proper social distancing and COVID 19 regulations.
  4. You WILL NOT be able to purchase tickets at the farm market for pick you own.
  5. Visits will be limited to your reservation time frame.
  6. When arriving at the farm you will be directed to a designated parking area for PYO.
  7. Face coverings are required while outside of your vehicle and while picking your fruit.
  8. We ask that people arriving in the same vehicle stay together. When approaching other clients please always observe social distance of six feet.
  9. A Farm employee will check you in and give you the appropriate bags you ordered for picking your fruit. We then ask you to utilize a hand washing station and wash your hands, then apply hand sanitizer (we provide sanitizer).
  10. The pick your own area will be marked out with one way direction signs to make rows easy to maneuver and provide ample spacing between clients.
  11. Once you have completed picking, please again wash your hands at one of the stations and proceed back to your vehicle.
  12. No hayrides will be available at this time. Please wear the proper shoes for walking on uneven surfaces.
  13. No outside items such as strollers, backpacks, pocketbooks, etc. will be allowed into the orchard area. Farm personnel will be monitoring the situation closely.
  14. Outside food, beverages, and picnics are not allowed in the orchard.
  15. Sampling of fruit is prohibited.
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General Admission: $7 per person (Age 2 and over), includes Free Parking and Entrance to Apple Orchard
+$12 for a Bag to Hold the Apples that You Pick! (Apple Bag holds approximately 10-12 lbs.)

Children under 2 – FREE

Pick Your Own Apples 2021
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