Beginning June 8 Thru August 29, 2020!

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  • As a result of safe social distancing we will be selling tickets online to make sure we do not exceed our capacity.
  • You can bring a vehicle that is correct for your preferred parking spot (if available) smaller vehicle’s park  closer to the front.
  • Farm staff reserves the right to direct you where to park to watch the movie and that spot may be different than the one you choose.
  • Always dim your lights before entering the lot.
  • Please don't litter.
  • Car engines cannot be running. We would have an environmental nightmare on our hands to have a field full of cars running all evening. Momentary starts are OK, but that is all. We have many patrons who like to sit out on warmer evenings and would not appreciate breathing in another vehicle's fumes. In cooler weather dress warm and bring blankets. We have plenty of hot food and beverages in our concession stand.
  • Trucks & vans: please be considerate and park in the rear of the lot or at the ends of rows, as directed by the theater staff. Otherwise, patrons in automobiles may not be able to see over your roof.
  • Keep your foot off the brake pedal when parked.
  • Enjoy the outdoor experience! There's nothing better than watching movies under the stars!


Rain Date: In the event of rain date, we will reschedule for another night. Sorry, NO refunds.


The Demarest Farm Drive In is a family-oriented venue. Use of illegal substances is strictly forbidden on drive in premises. The consumption of alcohol is also prohibited.


The Demarest Farm Drive In has implemented many changes to make our business as safe as possible for both staff and customers. All patrons are required to follow the state mandated 6 feet of social distancing at all times while on the premises. Any customers not following the guidelines will be asked to leave the premises immediately without a refund!!

  1. All customers are REQUIRED to wear masks when outside your vehicle for any reason.
  2. All customers are REQUIRED to maintain 6 feet of social distancing space
  3. Customers may remove masks if sitting outside their vehicle if they are able to maintain 6 feet away from others.
  4. Masks are not required while sitting inside your vehicle with the windows up. If the windows are down and 6 feet of space is maintained, no masks are required. If those two guidelines are not able to be met you are REQUIRED to wear a mask.
  5. Please order all food and beverages online. Masks must be worn, and 6 foot distances should always be maintained. Food will be available to order online prior to the movie starting. Condiments will be provided in packets. All employees will be operating with enhanced safety protocols in place.
  6. When using the restrooms/Port-a-johns, customers must wear masks and maintain 6 feet social distance. Use hand washing sinks and sanitizing stations.
  7. Employees will wear masks, gloves and frequently wash their work station.


Concession stand opens one hour prior to movie start time and closes at 9pm. When coming to the concession stand make sure to wear a face covering and practice social distancing. All food and beverage orders must be placed and paid for online using a credit or debit card. All patrons can pick up their orders at the white tent.